Challenge Rules

Smart Votes


  1.  All participants will conduct themselves with the
    highest moral fiber and sportsmanship.
  2.  Abusive language, actions, or activities of any kind will not be tolerated; any participant found exhibiting the above mentioned behaviors will be expunged from the challenge. This does include bullying, taunting, and hazing.
  3. To receive a credit for a download, a valid identification number must be entered in the application on the Terms and Agreement page; if a non valid identification number is entered, you will not get credit for the download.
  4. To receive your award you have to provide the winning ID and matching pin. If a prize is not claimed, it will be forfeited.
  5. Schools will receive 6 months to amass as many downloads as possible, the challenge ends for the student when the schools 6 months period expires.
  6. Learn, and have Fun!